Local Music Rocks


Over the last few years most of the memorable live music I’ve heard has been local. Like in-my-home-town local.

Sonoma County has some great music to offer. Follow the simple steps below and find your new favorite band.

1. Go to see a local band who you’ve been hearing or reading about.

2. If you have a good time at the show, buy a CD from the band.

3. Say hello to the band members, tell them it was a good show, find out where they’re playing next.

4. Go home and play the CD a few times.

5. If you like the CD, play it for your friends.

6. Check the band’s website (most bands have one) for their schedule. Go see their next show.

7. If your friends liked the CD, take them with you.

8. Spread the news… share the wealth.

Repeat as necessary.

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