Under The Radar

Saturday, April 4th, The Orchard Spotlight, Santa Rosa, CA

Under The Radarphotos by izzy clegg

My long time favorite local band, Under The Radar, played 2 superb sets at the now shuttered Orchard Spotlight in Santa Rosa. The show was so good I may never go see them again! (Oops, too late, already did.)

A skillful mix of old favorites, obscure chestnuts and original music, these lads and their guests, percussionist Dan Ransford & bassist Markie Saunders, laid it all out… a wonderful acoustic resonance in a special intimate setting.

EclectAmericana? Retro-roadhouse-country-swing-grass? They are Under The Radar! – Kevin Russell: guitar, banjo, dobro, vocals; Layne Bowen: mandolin, guitar, vocals; Michael Capella: dobro, guitar, vocals; Ted Dutcher: bass, vocals

Check ’em out at: http://www.myspace.com/4undertheradar

2 Responses to “Under The Radar”

  1. Kevin Russell Says:

    Hey Dave!
    Thanks for the great write up! Can we use this on our myspace page or link it to you somehow? Very kind words you have for us, thank you.

    The other band, The Rhythm Rangers, play in Sebastopol Town Square July 30th, 6:30. C’mon down!


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